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eCigarette Discounts come and go - this page gets updated frequently to reflect the most current, active discounts offered by top ecigarette brands and manufacturers. Bookmark this page for the most recent, verified-active discounts on the best ecigarette brands.

This page last updated on: 9/13/2015

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Voted #1 Ecig Brand!

V2 Cigs

With consistently top scores in customer satisfaction for smoking experience and product design, V2 Cigs offers a high vapor volume electronic cigarette utilizing one of the most powerful, longest-lasting batteries in the industry. But don't think V2 Cigs' leading edge technology will be too rich for your wallet. These ecigarettes are very competetively priced -- in fact, V2Cigs ecigarettes are a Best Buy and one of the reasons they are rated #1 here at

V2 Cigs offers an easy, convenient two-piece design with a focus on improved e-cigarette technology. With a choice of long-life automatic and manual batteries in a range of sizes, portable charging case, 13+ cartridge flavors with 2 popular tobacco flavors, a nice selection of starter kits and accessories, and VERY competitive pricing -- V2 Cigs has slid into the top position as our 'Best Buy', but also for becoming the most popular e-cigarette amongst our readers.

Because of it's popularity and entry-level pricing, we've chosen to feature the V2 Cigs top-selling starter kit. V2 Cigs high quality and value pricing make it a great starter kit for folks new to electronic cigarettes AND for those who want to step up to a premium quality ecigarette.

V2 Cigs Standard eCigarette starter KIT:

Your Price: $59.95  ( Plus, get another 10% off with our exclusive coupon code below)

• 2 V2 ecig Batteries: (1x Auto & 1x Manual)
• 10 nicotine/flavor cartidges included in the kit.
• 1 USB charger
• 1 Wall AC Charger
• 1 Manual (English)
• 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
• Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Each V2 cartridge is equivalent to about one pack of regular cigarettes. Multiply that by the 10 included cartridges in V2's standard starter kit, and that's equal to a 10-pack carton.

What do you spend now for a pack of regular cigarettes? Switch to V2 and cut that in half or MORE. Many V2 Cig customers have trimmed their tobacco expenditure by 75% since switching over. But what's MORE valuable/important are the health benefits from TOTALLY eliminating all the toxins, tar, chemicals, and carcinogens they used to breathe in with regular tobacco cigarettes.

If you're after an electronic cigarette with two-piece design, and quality technology INCLUDING the longest lasting batteries in the industry, we think V2 Cigs is an excellent choice at a GREAT price.

V2 Cigs is #1 - Over A Million Smokers Have Switched to V2 Cigs!

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* Get an additional 10% off your V2 Cigs purchase, with our exclusive, NEVER EXPIRING V2 Cigs discount coupon just for our readers. Enter this coupon in the space provided at checkout. Can be combined with any discounts and special sales offered by V2 Cigs. Enjoy!

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Electronic cigarette companies or brands below are either no longer available or no longer recommended.

LUCI ecigarette starter kit


The LUCI brand is no longer available!

Competition is stiff, which is why so many ecigarette companies come and go. 

Luci electronic cigarettes are very popular with people switching from regular tobacco cigarettes, especially those who like an ecigarette with a stylish, high-end look and feel.

LUCI rarely offers promos or discounts because their electronic cigarettes are already priced low compared to other 2-component ecigarette brands. For example, LUCI Basic starter kits are regularly priced at just $59. For that you get two Luci ecigarette batteries, home charger, and a 5-pack of cartridges. But right now Luci is offering their BASIC starter kit for just $44.99.  Plus, through our link, you can get an instant $5 discount (automatically applied at checkout) on Luci's starter kits, including the Basic. That's very competetive pricing for a quality 2-piece e-cigarette.

From the Basic kit, LUCI offers three additional starter kits - the Extended (enough for 30 days of smoking), the Advanced starter kit (3 month's worth of smoking), and the Complete starter kit (extra everything, plus refills for 6 months worth of smoking) - you'll also get $5 off any of these starter kits through our link.

The Luci Advanced starter kit is a truely SMOKIN' deal at $149, but with current price drop it's now $99. That's about 1/4  what it costs a 'pack a day' analog (regular tobacco) smoker for six months - a huge savings of about $570. And a prime example of how much LESS you'll spend smoking electronic cigarettes instead of regular. For our 'best buy ecigarette' page however, we've chosen to feature LUCI's EXTENDED starter kit, which includes enough refill cartidges for a month's worth of smoking.

Availability: In stock.
$99.99 (before $5 discount automatically applied on checkout page)

The LUCI Extended Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started. Includes nicotine cartridges for about 1 month worth of smoking (based on a pack a day habit). This ecig kit includes:

• 1 LUCI ecigarette battery,
• 1 Extra Extended Battery,
• 1 Home Charging Kit,
• 1 USB Charging Kit,
• 30 Flavored Cartridges (you choose the nicotine flavor)

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Vapor King ultimate ecigarette starter kitVapor King

The Vapor King series are touted to be the ecigarette that produces the highest volume of vapor - Making this ecigarette a good choice for serious or heavy smokers who want the most realistic smoking experience they can get. This style uses ecig cartridges that must be filled with e-liquid. However, the cartridges have been updated to the latest technology. And you can now purchase them prefilled (for convenience), or empty (you fill with e-liquid).

For what you get, we believe the Vapor King starter kit is a SUPER value. Plus, to launch the release of the improved cartridges, Electronic Cigarettes Inc has lowered the price so drastically that the Vapor King kit is even less than it was before WITH the discount. So yeah, its a great deal.

Vapor King Starter Kit:  $79.95 $64.99

Vapor King starter kit includes:

• 2 Batteries
• 2 Atomizers
• 1 5-pack of Cartridges, your choice of flavor, prefilled or empty.
• 1 Home outlet charger
• Users Manual & Gift Box

If you choose to order the kit with empty cartridges, you'll simply fill them yourself with e-liquid. Each bottle of e-liquid is equivalent to about 9-10 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes - So with this premium starter kit you'll get vaping equivalent to at least 28 packs of regular smokes before you'll need to order more e-liquid to refill your Vapor King ecigarette. Plus TWO atomizers instead of the usual 1 (atomizers aint cheap). Discount or not, this is a SUPER value.

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Duo Pro ecigarette starter kitDuo Pro

Duo Pro ecigarettes are made by Electronic Cigarettes Inc., the same company that makes the Vapor King line of popular e-liquid-refillable ecigarette models (featured just above).

But unlike the Vapor King, the Duo Pro™ is a very simple to use 2-part design ecigarette. Just screw the battery onto one of the pre-filled cartridges/atomizers (cartomizer) and your are ready to begin using the product right out of the box. When the cartomizer is used up, just pull it off and and push on a new one.

The Duo Pro standard kit includes 5 cartridges, with each cartridge equaling one full pack of real cigarettes. Duo Pro starter kits come with the option for one or two batteries. However, if you smoke a pack a day or more OR you like to use your e-cigarette when you go out on the town, it would be ideal to have two batteries to make it through the day (or night) without recharging.

Like most other 2-piece designs, the Duo Pro's atomizer is built IN to the cartridge. This means there is NO cost for replacing an atomizer when it becomes clogged.

Right now there is anywhere from a 9% - 14% discount on all Duo Pro ecigarettes (percentage depends on model) -- a GREAT time to try this very popular ecigarette brand.

Duo Pro Deluxe Starter Kit

Availability: In Stock

$69.95 ($10 discount)

Kit Includes:

* 2 e-cigarette/battery units
* 5 cartridges (choose flavor and nicotine strength options)
* 1 Home Outlet Charger
* 1 Instruction Manual

The Duo Pro line of ecigarettes is the the solution for those looking for a two-piece e-cigarette that closely matches the size and weight of a real cigarette.

Go to Duo Pro Now.